Bad Day To Be A Cat

I’ve now got conclusive proof that it is possible for a cat to have a bad day, as demonstrated by the day our boy had this Sunday.

It started with an unanticipated claw clipping…

Then getting locked in the bathroom when he went to investigate why the other cat came out all soggy…

An unwanted trip into the tub, complete with warm water and smelly shampoo. Plenty of noise, fury and breaks for freedom…

A completely undignified toweling down that made him look like he’d been licked by a whole herd of cattle…

The gift of wet ‘guilt’ food from us, the trecherous companions who’d mussed his coif…

.. and finally, the trip to the vet when he got some wet food up his nose, sneezed really hard, bounced his nose off the kitchen island cross beam, which led to another sneezing fit that sprayed enough blood on the tiles and cupboards to merit a concerned phone call to the vets.

To top it all off, he’s overweight again, so he’s got to go on a diet. Immediately.

Sorry little buddy.

At least I didn’t take any photos of you in your soggy bedraggled state….

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Posted on May 24, 2005, in Vancouver. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Horror story! If I were Catholic I understand I should cross myself.

  2. Haha, the part about the mussed coif is too funny. I get the feeling my cat doesn’t like to to touch her head because I mess up her “hair” that she spent all day licking and swiping into place. Your poor kitty needs a helmet in case of more violent sneezing.

  3. Just as I opened this window to post a comment, Miss No Bones decided to jump up on my bed. And smashed her head into my keyboard tray.I have consequently forgotten what I was going to write and have instead decided to get the cat an ice pack.

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