This Mind Works in Mysterious Ways…

So we’re driving into the underground parking of our building yesterday, when I suddenly jump to attention and say to the darling spouse “Honey, did you return the library books before you picked me up?”

He thinks I’m nuts, because nothing we’d talked about in the previous 30 minutes would’ve sparked that reminder.

I know he thinks I’m nuts, so I offer a 30-second snapshot of Ms. Cin’s brain:

1/ We’d been listening to Buddha Cafe, and a song came on which used a backing of instruments and melodies I associate with Cambodia…

2/ … This brings to my mind scenes of Angkor Wat from Baraka

3/… which reminds me of one of my favourite scenes in Tomb Raider, where Lara had just been at Angkor Wat, been chased, shot at and injured, and in a moment of serenity there’s a widescreen shot of all the priests in saffron robes walking one by one …

4/ … all those saffron robes remind me of the different retreats highlighted in Retreat: Time Apart for Silence & Solitude by Roger Housden, and somewhere in the back of my mind starts the rumination on whether or not it needs to be added to the permanent collection…

5/ I realize the book is due at the library in a couple of days and we’d brought it (along with others) to be returned on our way home…

6/ …we’re home already!

Hence: “Honey, did you return the library books before you picked me up?”

See? Perfectly logical. If you live in my brain, which I do…

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  1. Um, so did you you inherit this characteristic from me, or did I inherit it from you? Or *gasp* could mom be to blame?Purple Monkey Dishwasher,Sister Kneival

  2. Hello, Michele sent me!Like your post – my brain works in mysterious ways too so I can completely empathise…..

  3. I’m returning the visit. Scary thing is, I completely understand your logic. My hubby will sometimes look at me like he thinks I’m completely nuts, but if he could just see inside my little brain….BTW, nice blog. I love the Garden Show pics! I’ll be back.

  4. Oh good! I’m not the only one who thinks in those circles!! Whew;-)

  5. That seems perfectly logical to me!

  6. So? Did he return the library books?

  7. LOL – no he hadn’t, so off we went to return them.

  8. Michele sent me… And I try to explain my train of thought to my hubby all the time. He thinks I’m looney too. :0)

  9. This post made me laugh my head off, because this has happened more than once around here.

  10. see, I could totally follow that…maybe we are distantly via michelle

  11. LMAO– I love the way your mind works! I think it’s funny how one thing leads to something totally unrelated… which reminds me, I need to go do my laundry! 🙂 LOLBTW, Michele sent me.

  12. V cute!Hi from Michele’s

  13. Hi Cin… Michele sent me and I am so happy she did! This post made me laugh, minds do work in mysterious ways, its amazing how the randomnest of things manage to interlink. I’ll be back!

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