Cats & Radio

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Just after rising this morning, I switched on CBC Radio Two, as per usual. Most days I leave the radio on for the cats, as they’ve shown a preference for it. I suspect they tune out the news broadcasts.

We’ve tried other radio stations in the past, but they reacted anxiously to rock music, annoyed at talk radio (who wouldn’t be?), and skitty (easily frightened) when all they have to accompany them is silence. We’ve accepted that they have more classic tastes in music, and are no longer surprised when one of them occasionally sits on the speakers and purrs during Jurgen Gothe’s afternoon show. (I think the soothing tones must vibrate through the speakers and into their furry behinds.)

But this morning, despite advance warning, I was thrown. Lots of music, but no familiar radio host. It was disconcerting. Where was my news? And this afternoon? No Jurgen!!! Just a “top 40” approach to classical music. (Sorry to whoever’s doing the spinning, but I call ’em as I see ’em).

The cats didn’t seem to mind. When I came home, her highness was in her hidey spot under the radio, and the yowler was napping and resting his pipes for the evening performance.

The program guide on the CBC website simply states “There will be 6 minutes of news and weather at the top of each hour, from 6am to 6pm.”

Wonder what the cats’ll do for those 6 minutes?


Posted on August 16, 2005, in Vancouver. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. chew on your shoes. possibly hack up something unmentionable on your carpet…

  2. A distinct possibility. As is plotting to take over the world, one couch at a time.

  3. Haven’t they already done the plotting? šŸ™‚I’ve left the following bestowment to you in my blog:Cin: A cat-made cake, what a lovely notion. My dogs would likely complain, as dogs do, but it’s their loss. I’ve only recently begun reading you, so I’m not quite sure of the perfect gift, but I’m inclined to wish you the perfect pair of shoes for every occasion, and modern fashionistas to create a work-friendly, but comfortable, line of clothing.

  4. Hi, Michele sent me. šŸ™‚

  5. You have discriminating cats, Cin! I prefer classical music, as well.I shall enjoy reading on down…

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