Running For The Cure…

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So it’s official – I’ve signed up for this year’s CIBC Run For The Cure, and have started my fundraising. Last year’s participation taught me that this is one run that’s meant to be about community and camaraderie, rather than competition, so I’ll be walking it with friends, coworkers and family.

The decision to participate was one I didn’t make as lightly as I did last year, when I did it mainly to support the cause and my company’s team. Only afterwards, while talking to my mamá, did I find out that breast cancer was part of the family medical history on my father’s side. Less than a month after that talk, my dear sister-in-law found out that she was joining the estimated 21,200 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004.

And just like that, the numbers from all those breast cancer ads and articles stopped being stats, and became people.

So here’s a shameless self-promotion moment: If you’d like to help me hit my goal, email me at aventurista at gmail dot com.


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  1. Wow. Very cool. Breast cancer is on both sides of my family…grandmother, a couple aunts, and now my half-sister. Here from Michele’s…sort of…:)

  2. Hi, Michele sent me.Glad your involved in the 5K!

  3. Good for you!I’m over from Michele’s

  4. me again! here from michele’s!

  5. Michele sent me, Cin.My boss is a surgical oncologist that works with breast cancer and that’s the focus of my research–which is why I work for her so I’m familiar with the research side of the disease, Cin.Cancer is a tough nut to crack both clinically and research wise so all these runs for a cure are a good use of time and money. It’s unfortunate that progress is so slow but we are working on it!

  6. … which is probably why I hold you in such high esteem Utenzi – you’re using your powers for the greater good. I look at all the strides made so far, and it makes me feel hopeful. Grateful. And more determined than ever to do <>something<>.

  7. It’s truly SCARY how many people are touched by breast cancer, and I’m so happy to see it’s getting the attention it deserves. Now, I wish we could combine breast cancer and prostate cancer events, because I don’t think that this cancer gets nearly enough focus. It’s definitely a cause I’m very passionate about as it’s very close to my family on many levels.Way to go, supporting the CIBC run!

  8. Very kind.Michele sent me.

  9. Hello Cin- Michele sent me. It’s cool that you’re running–it’s proactive. 🙂 I hope that there’s a cure for it all soon. Cancer is such a major problem.

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