Monday Morning Love List, #6

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Love – the fact that it rained on Friday, it was lovely on the weekend, and that it’s threatening to rain today. Despite the complaining, most people here know that we need the rain in order to stay verdant & lush. Hey! You in the corner! I said STAY lush, not BE a lush.

Love – these measuring spoons. I grew up in a household where all recipes were personalized countless times, and there was always talk of a dash of this or a sprinkle of that. I need these spoons.

Love (!!) – That I can finally let the truth be known. This quiz confirms what I already knew in my heart…

Raw evil score: 35.56%

Love – That there are only 4 more days until the Autumn Equinox. I spent part of yesterday practicing the ages-old tradition of darning – we like to change the colours in our home come autumn, and fixing any little tears and nicks in towels/sheets/blankets/ clothes now will save us a huge hassle later.

Love – The possibilities a fresh week provides. On the agenda; more training, some dancing, lots of reading, some serious sorting of photos, more reading, at least one walk along the seawall, some sketching, and a heck of a lot of enjoying life as it comes…

Love – That while I was looking for a guide to Victorian darning techniques (my skills are basic, and I’d like to learn some of the more decorative ones) I came across Those Darn Squirrels. I love squirrels. It’s a hazard of having spent so much time living in the West End and traipsing through Stanley Park. The photographer (Mitch Rossow) even gives this bit of sage advice. “Having a squirrel picture in your space symbolizes the importance of gathering and giving. They can also remind you that in your quest for goals, you need to make time to socialize and play.” I think I’ll put one up at work…

Love – All the amazing people who’ve visited and left comments this past week.

So… what’s on your list today?


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  1. Love: the chocolate cake my kids and I baked tonight!Hello, Michele sent me! Congrats on being site of the day!

  2. Hi! Here via Michele’s. Nice blog you have and don’t mind me if I look around for a bit 🙂 Congrats on being site of the day!

  3. Waw.. I love this Love list… It’s so nice to think about the things you LOVE…Love- My baby boy when he smiles and says ‘I wuv you’…Here via Michele’s

  4. Cool list, Congrats via Michele.

  5. Here from Michele. Love my six cats and my lovely daughter.

  6. Hello, Michele sent me! Those spoons are great! I’ve gotta get me some!! Congratulations and enjoy your special Michele day!!

  7. Hi there! I’m here via Michele, too.I love the fact that I have enough time in the morning for a good hot cup of coffee and blog reading. 🙂Have a good day!

  8. Hi, Cin, nice list you have. I need to know where you bought those measuring spoons…lol…I need them for a friend’s birthday. I LOVE my family, my 6 grandchildren and my job!Michele sent me.

  9. What a great list.Michele sent me.

  10. Hi, Michele sent me! Love the measuring spoons, I’m the same percentage evil as you and I cannot BELIEVE the autumnal equinox is almost here. Can. not. believe.

  11. I love Autumn too… and I have those measuring spoons! I got them in my stocking for Christmas one year!Your site was a great way to start the day — Thanks!!Michele sent me… have a wonderful day!

  12. Hello, Michele sent me!So much to see here but I’ll stick to today and have to say I’m a pincher and a dasher: my measuring spoons are in the kids’ sandpit! However, I’m married to a measurer and understand your need.

  13. hi michele sent me! I love the 1st crisp fall afternoon, when the wind starts to bring down the leaves…

  14. I’m accidentally evil – hee,hee:) Happy Michele Sent Me Day!

  15. michele sent me, congrats! Use your power wisely. We no you will since you are nos as evil as I am.

  16. Hi! Michele sent me! I love when the temperatures get below 90 degrees. That won’t be for another couple of weeks here though…

  17. Hello, Michele sent me.Glad to see you can have such a philosophical attitude re the rain. I adore weather that others find unpleasant: drizzle, wind, fog. To my mind, some of the best things about this planet are the crazy ways our atmosphere can be beautiful.I love my cat, I guess.

  18. Hello, Michele sent me! I love those measuring spoons too. I’m not sure I distinguish that much between dashes and pinches — I usually toss some of whatever in and hope for the best.

  19. Love that our carpets are being cleaned as we speak. Woo-hoo!(Michele sent me)

  20. I am 40% evil with the same description as yours!Btw, Michele sent me!!!

  21. Hi. Michele sent me. Cute blog. BTW, I’m accidentally evil! HAHAHA I’m a cat, nothing accidental about my evil!

  22. Hi! Michele sent me. I love the love list! And I love Vancouver. It’s a pleasure to meet you, my dear.

  23. Hello, Michele sent meLove the list Great blog!

  24. Hi Cin, I love the fact that I’m home now after a stressful morning and long ride down the mountain to read an essay on the radio. I had to wear extra deodorant. I hate the fact that I keep forgetting to put you on my blog list…and meaning to! Michele sent me.

  25. Hello Cin. I took the evil test last night. 53.33%. Hmm. Nice blog you’ve got here. Congrats on site o’ the day. Obviously, Michele sent me!

  26. Haha, LOVE your list 🙂Also, LOVE your squirrel comment! I think they’re pretty cute from a distance, but they’re constantly chewing up gutters, plants, bird feeders… my dad actually does target practice with them every now and then! But they definitely do play, and they’re a constant reminder of that!Here from Michele’s.

  27. I really want to visit Vancouver someday. I’ve made it up the coast as far as Seattle, but it was sunny the whole week I was there. I guess I have yet to experience the “real” Northwest.Hi from Michele!

  28. I took the “evil” quiz when I was on Oreo’s site earlier today, Cin. It’s not anything to brag about, I guess, but I’m more evil than you. I earned the “Creatively Evil” level. LOLAs for a “Love” thing, I’ll give something banal and vote for the new TV show “How I met your Mother”. It’s on my mind since I just wrote a review of it, Cin.

  29. Enjoying the blog. There’s lots to love in Italy, which is where I’ve just had to make a flying visit.Michele sent me.

  30. Hi from Michele!I love that I got to view your blog!

  31. Hi! Here from Michele’s. I love your love list and I love Bebel Gilberto, too!

  32. I love that it’s almost bedtime and I get to finally lay down and get some rest. It’s been quite the day …. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Michele sent me, congrats on being the Site of the Day!

  33. Hi, Michele sent me. I also love those measuring spoons. I found them in a gift shop this summer and bought some for all of my friends. I don’t love that evil test. It said I was only pretend evil. That’s no fun. And what’s wrong with being a lush?

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