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Jericho Beach is one of those fabulous places where the humans, dogs, cyclists, bladers, surfers, sailers and boarders seem to converge. This is where we ended up recently, when we spotted what looked like a Regatta made up solely of dinghies. The DH had sailed/competed/won with them when he was a lad, so I decided it would be great to get a photo or two for him.

Then I saw this….

Was it kiteboarding? Wind Surfing? I have no personal knowledge of either, so all I could do was draw nearer and check things out more closely.

We watched as one brave soul headed to the icy water, getting his kite up and flying…

Felt a little better when we realized how well swathed he was in layers of protective gear…

But couldn’t help but shiver when he voluntarily dipped his head under the water…

… and opted to cheer him on when he took off into the choppier water…

Turns out that this is kitesurfing, and there’s even a blog devoted to it. This is definitely something I’ll be checking out next summer!


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  1. Great pictures! I live on the Med and there is a lot of kite surfing. Risky, however… Just because I love this Machado line, the original goes: “Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar”. Thought you might like to know…

  2. Pretty pictures! Michele sent me….

  3. hey no fair! You aren’t allowed to post beach pictures when it’s dark and gloomy outside 🙂

  4. nic pics–I was coming from michelle’s earlier but the blogger wasn’t allowing comments

  5. Thanks for visiting my site today. I had to post a comment on these pictures. I didn’t khow how beautiful Vancouver is. I even checked out the official website. I think I need to go immediately!

  6. Lemme know if you want to go kitesurfing next summer and thanks for the link to my blog 🙂

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