What the Hell?

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I passed by the downtown Hudson’s Bay yesterday, like I do most days on my way home.

They have their Christmas window displays up. And supposedly their Christmas Street store is already open.

I kid you not.

Forgot my camera today, but will aim to gether photographic evidence tomorrow. That is, if the the outraged consumers haven’t already made them cover their windows until a more appropriate unveiling time – like AFTER Halloween.


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  1. Okay, that’s just. Not. Right.

  2. hello. here from michele today.i ablolutely loved wandering around your site and it made me miss Vancouver SOOOO much. i dated someone in vancouver for the last year and a half and i got to spend time there. your pictures are great especially the ones of the gardens at UBC. I’ll be back!

  3. oops i signed in under the wrong name. my site is jenniferryerse.blogspot.com if you feel like stopping by

  4. ugh gawd. I agree! Too early!!

  5. used to be they waited until after American Thanksgiving, the end of November — oh the power of the all mighty consumer dollar gross.

  6. That is totally puke-worthy.

  7. OMG! That is way too early! Ugh I am so not ready for that!

  8. oh and michele sent me

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