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Once again proving that I am, ultimately, a geek living in a hip city, here’s what’s tweaked my interest for the upcoming weekend:

VPL Book Fair
, October 13 – 16.

Yes I’ve already been, but I really want to go again – they put out new books everyday, and where else am I going to find gems like William Zinsser’s Writing to Learn for 60 cents? or Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence for 50 cents?

UBC Apple Festival
I’ve never actually been to this before, so it’ll be a new experience – but where else am I going to ever get to go to an apple tasting? The fact that all funds generated from the festival support research and education at UBC Botanical Garden and the Centre for Plant Research is a bonus.


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  1. Hi Cin! I really love the photo…so much depth and activity. I bet there are a lot of other geeks that wouldn’t mind joining you on this venture. You’re in good company. Here from michele’s today.

  2. Michele sent me! I love Peter Mayle’s books. Have you seen the videos? They are marvelous! Stace of is a fine friend who just moved to Vancouver. She is my fairy blogmother (reason I blog).Have a grand Friday! We’re having a sunbreak in Seattle just now…

  3. The book fair sounds like great fun! In fact so does the Apple Festival!

  4. There’s a book fair just for Visible Panty Lines? I’m sure it stands for something else.I love book fairs and don’t get to enough. This October the National Book Fair and the Baltimore Book Fair were on the same weekend and it rained miserably, so I didn’t go to either.

  5. hi cin! i blog-hopped from strandofpearls – perfect timing too, as i’m glad to read about the book sale! i just moved in vancouver so your blog is a must-read for me!

  6. The world would be a better place if more of us haunted our local libraries. I took our kids to the branch near our house a couple of weeks back. We spent a magical hour reading to each other and exploring the stacks. What a memory they’ll have.

  7. Sounds like fun! Books!

  8. Cin-I went to visit Stace’s site and see that you’ve already met her! Blogging makes the world a bit smaller!

  9. Book Faires are absolute must-visits in my world. Apple tastings? What a great idea.

  10. I love book fairs. What all did you get? Did I miss the post about that?

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