Pumpkin Stunts

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There were four people standing on milk crates at the corner of West Georgia and Granville this morning. Odd, but not overly so, right?

They had PUMPKINS on their heads.

Way too twisted Ichabod Crane for me, especially before seven in the morning. It’s not even light out yet!

And yes, in case you’re wondering, it’s another crazy contest from The Fox. I think they’re giving away some super expensive car stereo system. Um… good luck with that….

Sorry – no photo – I opted not to take my camera on my travels today. What was I thinking?


Posted on October 21, 2005, in Halloween. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Shame – people would probably PAY for pictures like that 🙂Hey Cin, passing through from Michele’s place…cq

  2. Sent by Michele & reminded of Pumpkin Jack, an horrific monster from the mind of Greg Stafford…if you’re wondering what I’m talking about you have never played Runequest, but i would have to think twice before impersonating demons and Jack-O’bears.

  3. I saw that and it was truly creepy — combined with the eerie flashing lights at the VAG? what exactly is happening to our fair city??

  4. lol that is too hilarious and so too bad that you didn’t have your camera (isnt that always the way?) i am here from micheles tonight but i blogrolled you cuz i really like your site!

  5. Oh my! I don’t think I would be able to do that. The inside of a pumpkin is way to gross for me. Ick.

  6. Hope they were in a contest to win something really good. Otherwise, what a bunch of weirdos. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. That is a little weird. Great post though. Great site, keep up the good work.

  8. Yes, what WERE you thinking? We all need to see photos of that! Michele sent me.

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