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Recently I came across a cache of old letters and cards I’ve collected over the years. Instead of reading them right there and then, I set the be-ribboned pile aside with the idea of spending a leisurely evening reading through them in chronological order. Not having looked at them in years, I caught myself wanting to turn that enjoyment into a special occasion.

I have had a love of the hand-written letter for as long as I can remember, and used to get no end of thrills at receiving post cards with my uncle’s familiar flowing script. He was a seasoned traveler, and over the years sent me post cards from all across the better part of four continents. Regrettably, both the post cards and my uncle are now gone, but the thrill of getting something so important it requires a stamp and a proper address remains. If anything, my joy in getting personal mail has increased because of its rare and unpredictable nature.

It’s been a while since I received anything other than a bill or a catalogue or (blech!) an envelope marked “current occupant”. Are there two sadder words than that when you’re standing hopefully at your mailbox? No wonder Charlie Brown had such a tough time when Valentine’s Day rolled around…

But like most things in life, you gotta give to get, so recently I made a list of everyone I had sent mail to in the past few months.

It was a very short list.

So I made a new one, this time of all the people I want to hear from. This list was much longer, and had the added effect of lifting my mood – sometimes I forget the number of fabulous people who populate my world!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go practice my penmanship a little…


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  1. I used to be a prolific letter writing before the computer and the fact that my handwriting deteriorated to scribble. I wonder how we are going to get history in times ahead…so much was taken from personal letters. Michele sent me today.

  2. I know what you mean. I use the computer so much anymore that it bothers myhand to try and write for too long. So…I need to go practice my penmenship too!!!

  3. That gets to teh root of the empty mailbox. 🙂 I’m on a contact binge myself. calling, writing, emailing…

  4. I can’t remember the last time I mailed anyone anything other than a greeting card.

  5. years spent in boarding school instilled a long lasting love of “real” mail (stiff other than bank statemetns, bills and the like) My mum is still great for that and she makes a point of sending me at least on card or letter a month — I love it!!You have prompted me to get writing letters myself.

  6. <>Contact Binge<>. Pearl, that’s a great way to describe it!I’m so glad to know that others are inspired to pick up their pens (or crayons, if that’s your thing) and connect with someone.Happy mailings!

  7. hi cin, i just started on my christmas cards and post-wedding thank you cards – hadn’t realized i had missed the beauty of handwritten cards! cheers to putting pen to paper once again!

  8. Hi, I am here via NetChick.There is a lady that will send you a Christmas Card, her site: you want I will send you a hand written card, my office mailbox address:301-5158-48th AveDelta, BC, V4K 5B6

  9. Hi Cin…Found you via Michele’s blog. Enjoying reading yours and will be back to visit again.Terri

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