Monday Morning Love, #15

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Love – The way the fog that’s descended on us changes the look of Vancouver to something slightly ghostly, somehow magical. Day 3 is now upon us. Will we get to day 4?

Love – The smorgasbord of options that were available this weekend.
Culture Crawl + Santa Parade + Errands = tired but pleased Ms Cin.

Love – The coziness this weather has inspired. Only one more section to complete and my fuzzy sweater will be done! Keeping me going: the wonderful folks over at Knitty and the anticipation of getting my hands on the library copy of Gorgeous Knitted Afghans. I figure the only way I’ll get the cozy textured blankets I love is to make ’em myself.

Not so much – The woolen cap I bought to replace my sad old one was trimmed in bunny fur. BUNNY FUR! Argh. Now I get to go through the oh-so-fun process of returning it. I can just see what’ll get written under reason for return: Trimmed in dead bunny. Customer grossed out. Such a shame really – it was the perfect shape, colour AND stitch. But I can’t bring myself to wear something that could have been trimmed with someone’s pet…

Love – How my latest editing project is coming together. Now if only those last few articles & photos would hurry up and get here.

Love – That the DH pulled all our Christmas stuff out of storage last night. That Santa Claus parade put me in the mood to decorate and write cards.

Love – The possibilities a fresh week provides.

Love – All the amazing people who’ve visited and left comments this past week.

So… what’s on your list today?

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  1. 😉 Thanks for the list this morning! I used it for inspiration on my blog too!

  2. Love – the fog too! Love – my starbucks vanilla earl grey mistoNot so much – I don’t have a deccent pair of black shoes for when I actually feel like looking professional. heh 🙂Love – easing into my monday by catching up on great blogs 😉

  3. I love that it’s only a three day school week.

  4. well – it’s tuesday now – BUT! I have another thing or two to add…..I love figuring out new stuff to do with my blog.I love that there are blogger friends that can help how to figure out how to do it when I can’t figure it out on my own!!!

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