…And Thus It Was That Our Heroine Survived Another Corporate Christmas Party

I went.

I danced.

I ate sushi, and drank exactly 2.5 drinks. Mmm. Smirnoff Ice.

And I somehow managed to stay until (almost) the very end. The band was that good.

I’m pleased to report there were no falls, no wardrobe malfunctions, no spilled drinks, no drama.

But the shoes nearly did me in. Damn heels.


Posted on December 9, 2005, in 2009. Bookmark the permalink. 12 Comments.

  1. That’s why I usually take the heels off before dancing.Michele sent me.

  2. No works Christmas do for me this year – I can’t be bothered to drive 250 miles to spend an expensive evening with people I don’t like:-)yours sounded fun tho. here from Micheles

  3. Yay! Sounds like an awesome Christmas party!Mine is tonight at Roys and Yuk Yuks, and next week’s is Michael’s at EA. Should be a fun two parties — Very different for both.Hope you have an incredible FRIDAY!!!!

  4. I alwasy lose the heels about half-way through the party. If I’m on the dance floor for over two hours, the shoes are off.visiting from michele’s

  5. I always ditch the shoes too – well I did back in the day’s I went partying:-)Have you ever tried the gel thingies they keep advertising? I’m not convinced.Back from Michele’s.

  6. Mrs A – I’ve seen those inserts advertised, but I’m not convinced either. I took to sliding my shoes off any time I was still or sitting. Next year I’m investing in one really great pair of comfortable high heels. Or is that a pipe dream?

  7. Oh man, guys… The gel inserts rocked my world when I was in England a year and a half ago — Well worth the extra bucks. I was almost crying by about day 8 with the shoes I travelled with.Highly recommended.On a different note… Hey, Cin! Did you get my email? Whatcha think? Z’s in! In fact she posted, today! Halarious — She’ll fit right in, and one up me for sure…

  8. hey, heard you guys have some musical talent over there ….. how fun!! and yes it is possible to have comfortable high heels —- I was wearing a gorgeous pair of 4 inchers at our party last week and danced the night away, pain free!!

  9. Netchick – I am so in!Kathryn – it’s so nice to hear from you! I miss your writing. As for the musical talent? Yes – we have it in abundance over here. The funny thing? The band at my high school grad party had the same name. Now what are the odds?

  10. I am most envious, my husband’s Christmas party was a snooze-fest. We stayed to the end with hopes of winning an Ipod… but no luck. Glad to hear it was fun!!

  11. I had my office Christmas party and it was fun to be had. There was a girl, who’s on the rubinesque side, who wore laced-up bustier. She was pretty sauced, and dancing up a storm.. and needless to say, a wardrobe malfunction occurred right on the dance floor.(It wasn’t me… the wear wasn’t really appropriate for office functions)

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