Consider Yourselves Hugged, Kissed and Otherwise Loved

I now have many days worth of other people’s holiday horror stories, and I’m exceedingly grateful for how relatively normal my extended family is.

No drunken brawls, no 911 calls, no snippy in-laws, no so-annoying-I-must-be-physically-restrained-from-strangling-them type children. No one’s gone through my liquor cabinet, my bathroom drawers, my journal or my purse, and at no time has a pet demolished an important meal, pooped where it shouldn’t, or otherwise caused major embarassment.

I am indeed blessed.

So this post is for you, my sometimes highly frustrating & demanding but always infinitely loveable extended family (and yes, that includes boyfriends, steps and in-laws). You made the past year interesting, the times enjoyable, the holidays loud and boisterous and goofy. Actually, that last line applies to the whole year.

And I’ve liked it that way.


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