Karma…I Just Love A Big Steaming Cup Of Karma…

I’ve been fighting the flu for the past few days, but after I got home from class last night, it really hit me. Consequently I wound up staying home from work today, trying to rest and heal. While I was mussing around on CAD, trying to get a jumpstart on my project for my Detailing class, one of my closest friends who was also the singer for my old band called me. Since I feel and sound like crap, I threw him into my voice mail – man, did I get a surprise when I checked that message.

Here’s the history so everyone can follow:

After the bar scene dried up in the mid-90s, our drummer quit and we decided to forge onwards as a three-piece. Shortly thereafter, our guitarist (who I will refer to as ‘B’) came up with the great idea for all of us to get into Amway to try and make tons of money to finance the band. Without getting into specifics, this was the worst decision of my 20s, but my singer (who I will refer to as ‘A’) and I relented and decided “what the hell?”

To make a long story somewhat shorter, along the way A met a young lady named ‘E’. They dated for a while, and B and I both agreed that we totally hated her. She was constantly picking on A (who had a bit of a self-image problem, probably from B and I picking on him constantly in the band), always trying to get him to cut out on our band sessions, making all sorts of negative remarks about our music, etc. etc. After a while, the band just sort of disintegrated, and A & E got married. Luckily, Cin and I managed to make our escape from Amway shortly thereafter. We moved downtown, changed our lives and proceeded on our merry way.

About two years after we moved, I came home one night from a Canucks game to find Cin sitting in the middle of the living room floor, white as a ghost, talking rather intensely with someone on the phone. As I entered, she looked up, handed me the phone and said “it’s A…you’ll want to take this…”

The first words out of his mouth were “she left me, dude…”.

Then he followed it up with this bombshell…”she left me for B…”

I was stunned. It was like the worst sort of Jerry Springer episode possible.

In essence, E had been having an affair with B for months. B, our guitarist and someone we had shared a bond with over years in the music business, our bro, our compadre. Worse still B had left his wife, J, in the process! The whole thing played out in an ugly manner over the next few weeks – the exposure of the ongoing affair, how deep the deception and lying had gone, the beginning of two divorces, watching one of my closest friends try and pick the pieces of his life up and move on…needless to say, any chance of a band reunion was set and done right there…

Flash forward a couple of years…A had picked up the pieces of his life. He got himself into the best physical shape of his life, had totally changed himself mentally and emotionally, he was strong now, in every way. Meanwhile, E & B had shacked up together, both started careers in the Real Estate business, and for all intents and purposes, had disappeared from everyone’s radar.

Until this evening.

A wound up calling M, who is E’s brother. He’d had some medical challenges, and every now and then A would call to see if he was doing okay. Tonight, A got a bombshell dropped on him. M informed him that E had been cheating on B….

Now usually that’s karma enough….but oh no….this goes way beyond that.

She’s now pregnant with some random guy’s baby. She’s decided that she wants to keep it, so she’s kicked B out of their home, and is now going to try to shack up with this poor third-party dude, who, if he has any sense in his little head will run screaming for the hills and not stop until he hits Cranbrook…

I got this all off of the voice mail A left me, in between bouts of his near hysterical laughter. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him sound so totally happy in my life and I’ve known him going on 13 years.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. So’s Karma. After tonight, no one will ever be able to convince me that one does not truly reap what one sows in this life.

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  1. Holy cow. That is CONFUSING. My dog’s name is Karma. 🙂Michele sent me.

  2. Yep, what comes around goes around for sure!Michele sent me too.

  3. Oh my god. Can you say drama?? It took me a few times reading it but I think I got it now. It should be turned into a half hour dramady for fox or something! I am a true beleiver in karma and have even had karma kick my own ass a few times. Yet another great example to follow that golden rule we all learned in grade one. “Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself”

  4. OMG!! Sounds like a soap opera!! Here via Michele. 🙂

  5. This is like Peyton Place! I’m so glad that Hubby and I don’t have that kind of drama around us. Maybe that’s what happens as you age. Thank goodness…

  6. HAHAHA, I LOVE a good Karma story! And the weird thing is, this story TOTALLY reminds me of some crazy crap I was involved in myself a few years ago! Crazy, no?

  7. Good grief.No.<>Really.<>I’m going to wander off stunned, snickering at the lunacy of it all.~V

  8. That was a funny story, a little hard to follow, but I got it with 1 read. “Sowing and reaping”, now there’s a principle you don’t hear talked about too often. I guess because it borders religion or spirituality. Gotta be PC these days. I hope it works out, and I hope it makes a good mini series. you better copyright that fast!

  9. and what does any of all that got to do with amway or quixtar or network marketing or multi level marketing or…whatever??? as for what it has to do with its all been said. as for what it might have had to do with…just shows that any business idea can get screwed up by <>those in business<> as opposed to <>the business<> itself.

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