Monday Morning Love List, #29

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Love – That after setting down Nothing Left Over, a month or so ago because my mind was too busy for Toinette’s gentle sentences, I picked it up again over the weekend and sank into it for an hour. I didn’t want to come up for air. She has a page on her website devoted to the series she’s editing for Bell Tower. Hmm. Must look into it further.

Not So Much – That everything I tried to post over the weekend failed miserably, and I had to re-publish everything this morning. Blah.

Love – The intriguing Instructables website. A few quick refreshes on this site are a lesson in the diversity of human interests – everything from how to make a custom dachshund wheelchair, creating a 3D chocolate printer made from Lego, creating 3D Words & messages on cards, to finding a use for your old decrepit mouse by turning it into a mousebot.

Love – Sunday I went out on the first ‘run’ of the year with fellow members of the car club, and got to enjoy good weather, good company, and a fabulous brunch at Rowena’s Inn (Harrison Mills). The weather could not have been more accommodating.

Love – The possibilities a fresh week provides.

Love – All the amazing people who’ve visited and left comments this past week.

So… what’s on your list today?

Posted on March 20, 2006, in Vancouver. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. i love your love list.

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