Dog Spotting

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Yesterday afternoon, as I hurried away from that place where I earn a paycheque to the un-yet savoured joy that is a Spring weekend, I came across this fine fellow…

No collar, no leash, (no suit for that matter) he was probably more well-behaved and focused than many of the people I see on a daily basis. I couldn’t help wondering – was he waiting for someone? Did he need to do some banking? Or was he simply hoping to grab a sandwich at the deli?


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  1. So cute. I’m hoping he’s just waiting for someone and not lost and hungry. He looks like he’s doing ok.That’s funny since we have a picture up of our dog Casper at Lam(b) today. Michele sent me.

  2. Reminds me of the His Master’s Voice dog from those old RCA ads.Seriously, this is a beautiful picture. It tells a story, all by itself.Good on ya for capturing it so eloquently.

  3. That is just the cutest picture! We don’t see that much either here or in Canada. But I have to tell you, you see it all the time in Germany. Only these guys have a proper collar and leash. They’re just sitting there waiting for their owner to come out.

  4. Aww, that’s the most adorable photo, EVER! My heart did a little skip when I saw that. He/she looks so forlorn.I hope you had a fatabulous weekend Darlin’! Looking forward to seeing ya soon.Cheers!Tan.

  5. Awe! I hope he wasn’t needing a home! Look at that guy all intent on what’s going on inside. Good catch on the picture.Thank you so much for vising me last week!!

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