Monday Morning Love List, #34

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Love – The way my birthday weekend went – a great mix of day tripping, eating and hanging out with the ones I love.

Love – The Raincity Grill, which is where my sweetie took me for dinner on the big night. Window seat with a great view of English Bay, wonderful dinner, great wine, great company – I think I was actually purring by the time we left.

Love – That this weekend included some quiet time with the kitties. We’ve both been quite busy lately, and they’ve protested. They’re right too – who really benefits when one is too busy and exhausted?

Love – That my sweetie indulged me when I saw a really interesting shot on the way to Banyen Books and asked him to return to it afterwards so I could take a few photographs.

Love – My new bamboo knitting needles from Urban Yarns. They are probably the lightest, most comfortable needles I’ve ever worked with, and I’m already plotting so I can get more. Is it good or bad that I’m planning out my spring/summer knitting, and that my goal is to knit up some sweaters for fall in the months ahead?

Love – The possibilities a fresh week provides.

Love – All the amazing people who’ve visited and left comments this past week.

So… what’s on your list today?


Posted on May 8, 2006, in Vancouver. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Cin!! Glad you had a special one…

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