Thursday Thirteen: And Now, Our Heroine Takes Stock

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1. Menu & Logo for Lunchtruck’s project created, tested, and printed professionally? Yes!
2. Graphic design homework done? Almost.
3. Small photo project for co-worker done? Yup.
4. Big photo project for friend done? 2nd phase complete. Does that count?
5. First draft of magazine done and sent to printers? By Friday. I promise.
6. Cats annoyed because I haven’t played String very much lately, or anything else, really?
Sigh. Check.
7. Cheeks lost feeling from so much sitting in front of a computer?
Check and… check.
8. Ready for Lunchtruck’s birthday on Saturday? Time to panic!Umm… yeah…
9. Apartment clean? How’s about tidy? And only because I had company yesterday?
10. Do I have time for another photo project? Am I insane? But then again, paid jobs don’t fall out of the sky…
11. My response to it all?
Oh dear god goddess dog. I need a break.
12. A photo of a tree – cause the green and living keeps me grounded.

Over The Wall

13. If you need me, I’m aiming to be up a tree with a book and a nice, cold bottle of vodka beer non-alcoholic bevvie. Be glad that’s the extent of it.

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  1. You’re a busy one. I’m with you on up a tree with a book with something cold to drink. Have a wonderful day. Be Well…

  2. That’s a great tree! I did a to do list…yours is better, you’ve actually accomplished stuff!

  3. Cute. Gets the message out.Thanks for visiting my TT.

  4. I like the photo — it sort of looks like the tree & the building are smiling together.

  5. I never have time to check things off on my list of things to do.. and they multiply overnight. Like bunnies. Great TT! Mine are up. πŸ™‚

  6. Great TT list. You really are a busy woman! Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  7. Good luck with the To Do list…I don’t think I blame you for deciding to hide up a tree with a book!

  8. Lovely shot. I need to do some photo stuff.. I have about 3 pinhole camera kits that I’ve bookmarked online but haven’t tried any yet.. this weekend perhaps…

  9. Oh you sound a bit stressed ! Now be careful in the tree- don’t fall. πŸ™‚

  10. All you supper busy momma’s your making me feel so lazy! πŸ™‚ Sounds like you got alot on your plate!!!

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