Monday Morning Love List, #37

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Love – That I fought past the frustration and learned how to work a Half Brioche Rib Stitch this weekend, AND learned the Italian method for casting on stitches as well. Who knew expanding my knitting skills would be so cosmopolitan?

Love – That everywhere I turn, there are vast and wonderful resources for anyone interested in learning how to decrease their energy use and leave a lighter footprint. My top five of the moment include: One Day Vancouver, Tree Hugger, 100 Mile Diet (series), Voice Yourself and the home site for the movie An Inconvenient Truth. The best part os that almost all these sites provide additional links if you want to lean in and get deeper into the issues.

Love – Who amongst us hasn’t doodled away on the corner of a page while in a class, a meeting, or on the phone? Yup, that’s what I thought. So why not get creative again? Go here.

Love – The breadth of foreign films available at Videomatica. My sweetie introduced me to it over the weekend and I wandered it’s maze of walls in a state of shock. So many movies!!

Love – My new Addi Turbo needles. Got them at Urban Yarns this weekend, along with the yarn for my latest project, a sweater for Lunchtruck. I’d heard they were light, easy to use, and made knitting feel almost effortless. They weren’t kidding. A little higher than what I’d normally pay for knitting equipment, but definitely worthwhile – I can see me having to will these babies to someone!

Not so much – That our first calla lily of the season is fading fast. It was beautiful while it lasted (at least 3 weeks) but now it’s all wilty and sad. Can’t wait for the next one…

Love – The possibilities a fresh week provides.

Love – All the amazing people who’ve visited and left comments this past week.

So… what’s on your list today?


Posted on June 12, 2006, in Vancouver. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Really looking forward to seeing An Inconvenient Truth.It looks really good… and, inconveniently truthful.PSHow come I’m not on your Fine Blog Reading list, hmmmm?????

  2. Oh dear – an oversight my dear Roger, an oversight – I really do need to update that list, don’t I?

  3. You’ve corrected the situation in short order, so I’ll let it slide…. THIS time. 😉

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