Update Your Blog!

Yup. That’s the message I got from Lunchtruck today. Apparently seeing the same darn post on there for so long is aggravating.

He lives with me. He’s in the loop. He KNOWS (probably more than he’d like to) what’s going on in my world. But he wants a post, and there’s nothing for it but for me to get off my heinie and say something interesting.
And that, right there, is what I’m dealing with.

A hundred different thoughts all vying for attention…
The languor brought on by the recent summer weather…
The wealth of minutae that’s demanding my attention Right This Moment…

It’s tough being the heroine of your own story. Dammit, I need an outline to work from.


Posted on June 26, 2006, in 2009. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. How did you do all that cool stuff my is so boring.

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