No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

After what feels like weeks of listlessness, I got a caseload of nervous energy yesterday afternoon and did things I’d been avoiding – made phone calls, lists and lunch, arranged meetings, did laundry and got a lot of loose ends tied. I went to bed just after midnight.

My reward was a delightfully deep sleep with no Yowler tummy alarm… and an alarm clock that chose not to go off at all. Lunchtruck woke me in a panic, ten minutes before we were supposed to leave our quiet home.


So there’s no thirteen Thursday this week. Just me rambling on…


Posted on July 13, 2006, in 100 Words, Thursday Thirteen, Vancouver. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I just ate the biggest and best salad with hot roasted chicken on top! All legal and low cal!

  2. LOL – I have a salad with roast chicken for lunch today! How’s that for great minds thinking alike?

  3. Isn’t that funny. I’ve been in doldrums and on Thursday I was smitten with surging bounds of restless energy too and didn’t hit bed til midnight.

  4. Well, I have rambler-like tendencies in the way I live and think, so it only makes sense that I’d ramble on verbally and in written form…

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