lo·cus (lō’kəs)

<!–Tags: , –> There is something glorious yet dangerous about turning your back on technology. After 2 weeks of ‘forgetting’ my cell phone, checking my email as little as possible, not blogging, and generally staying as far away from the computer as possible, I caught myself having radical thoughts.

When faced with my ‘essential’ daily emails:
Why were these important again?

When dealing with emails I subscribed to, meant to keep me in the loop:
But they’re just selling stuff….

When cc’ed on yet another email where I actually a/didn’t have any decision making to do or b/ was getting it simply because someone was executing yet another CYA maneuver…
Followed closely by DELETE.

So I started another list on a random, scrubby post-it, and titled it “emails received that I deleted without reading/or abandoned within the first few sentences”. Long name. Longer list. Once a subscription got 3 strikes, I requested to be removed.

I don’t think they’ll miss me.

I began to think that maybe all the information that claims to be relevent is, but not in my life. At least, not the one I want to be having, the one in which the friends I have I see face to face and know their voices and habits personally, not by their profile on myspace.

I began to think that the problem with living where I live is that so much effort is made to keep the shiny surface from tarnishing that the inner works are rusting from disuse. Fading even…

My focus is changing. And so most likely, will this blog.


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