It’s Nakid

The Christmas tree that is.

I came home Friday night with the intention of dressing up the tree and making it all nice and purty by the time Lunchtruck returned on Sunday.

But then I realized that the string of lights I had simply wasn’t long enough… and that I hated the cold blue cast they gave to the tree. So I tried dressing the tree with everything else we owned, and came to the conclusion that we were too diligent in getting rid of the things we didn’t love, because now, now there’s not enough to dress a 4.5 ft tall tree.

Who the heck doesn’t own enough ornaments for a 4.5 ft tree?

Sigh. I took everything off the tree and made a list:

  • Fairy lights (paperwork for tree recommends a string of 300)
  • Tree skirt
  • actual frickin’ ornaments.
  • Tinsel? Garland? The silver ribbon we have is NOT working.

And here I thought my holiday spirit would be enough…


Posted on December 10, 2006, in Christmas, Holidailies 2006. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. How about stringing several bags of popcorn on it. Not that I’d want to do it. But someone should. It could be you. 😉

  2. LOL. I think I need to stay away from the edibles – I can just see the Yowly one and Her Highness taking bites from the tree every time they felt they weren’t getting fed fast enough, or just wanted a snack…

  3. I had to pile on every ornament we have (except for a couple of very fragile ones that I don’t trust the cats with) to make our 5′ tree look properly decorated. I love the look of popcorn strung on a tree. However, I know for a fact that two of our cats love popcorn, and would likely equate popcorn strings with the crunchy food we leave out for them to graze on. So far this year, I’ve seen no evidence that Sergei has been chewing on the fairy lights…

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