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Monday Morning Love List – 03/11/2013

ARTIST: Olly Moss

Love – That today is beautiful, I have a few hours to enjoy as I like, and the possibilities are endless.

Love – that there are signs of spring everywhere, and Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up fast. I see a photowalk in my future.

Love – That the Aurora Golden Gala apple is showing up in stalls at Granville Island again. This apple was years in the making, and is worth the trip if you’re an apple fan. If you’re the type to want details (many, many details), this link should make you very, very happy.

Love – that my local street vendor has tulips again. $5.00 isn’t too high a price for a bouquet of beauty, is it?

Love – That Vancouver has a sense of humour about itself.

Love – that I’m back to my yoga practice, and full of gratitude for DVDs when a trip to a studio isn’t on the menu. Can’t wait for Eoin to do classes in Vancouver again.

Love – That today is a blank slate, and this week can be whatever I make it.

What do you love?


Pechakucha #25

Pechakucha_25 Last year I made a short list of things that happen in Vancouver that I really wanted to attend or be a part of. On that list: PechaKucha Vancouver. The idea of a group of people coming together to share ideas, to enlighten, to activate, to energize and mostly, to engage those who want to be engaged.

The night started off with the folks from Cause + Effect saying a few words (quite well), about what was about to happen. As a total newb, I appreciated that. Then the lights dimmed and we were off. I’m totally uncool, so throughout the night I took random notes on my iPhone – things I didn’t want to forget, such as my answer to James Glave’s question about how we felt as children when we engaged in dangerous play (exhilarated!), to people I simply must find out more about because their minds interest me, like Julian Thomas and his dial-a-park idea.

The night’s roster:
David LookEngine Digital
Gaby Eirew – Record me now
Georgia Morley – Whitelightchef
J. Joly – CineCoup
James Glave – Clean Energy Canada at Tides Canada
Jonas Woost – CBC
Julien Thomas – Social artist
!Kona – NubianImp Projects
Mickey McLeod – Salt Spring Coffee
Thomas Anselmi & Ernesto Gomez – Formerly Waldorf Productions
Zack Embree – The √úberdrop

I was lucky enough to share the experience with a couple of people, which brings me to my first impromptu rule of PechaKucha – Don’t go alone. Followed quickly by my second impromptu rule – don’t rein in your enthusiasm. Seriously, I was vibrating by the end of the night, and it was fantastic to have other people with me who were on the same energy high. And that energy? It carries forward, and changes everything. Just ask your local physics geek.

Added to the list of events I want to attend: PechaKucha New Westminster, which I would never have found out about if I wasn’t a coffee addict who followed Kevin McConnell on twitter. Oh social media, how you lead me on…

Want to know more? Check out Ariana Scott’s post on Vancouver Weekly, Lynn Doan’s post on The Pink Wars, or make use of your google-fu and type in PechaKucha Vancouver. I dare ya.