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La Vida Drama

After the usual amount of over-discussion and analytics, the darling boy and I decided it was time to get cable again. He missed hockey. I had never had the opportunity to see George in action on his show at the CBC – at least not from the comfort of my own couch. Both of us miss the B-movies from the movie channels (What? You mean you liked Alexander for the acting? Pshaw! I bet you say that about Showgirls too). And yes, I’ll admit it – I wanted to be able to watch Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars or… well, maybe I’ve said too much.

So we spent part of the weekend getting reacquainted with old friends. Spent 2 hours firmly planted on the couch with cats, tea and a duvet while the CBC gave us a fabulous prelude to hockey season in the form of Hockey: A People’s History. If their goal was to get us revved up for the season it worked. My interest is piqued. That hasn’t happened since before the strike!

Between that and the grocery shopping, cat cuddling, ’emergency’ visit to the local LYS to pick up a smaller size needle and the investment in the latest issue of Rebecca, you could say I’m settling in for a long cold and rainy season. I don’t plan on being a couch potato by any means, but I do suspect more of my activities are going to be home-based or home-oriented.

Well, the cats’ll love that.