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Thursday Thirteen #21: This Week’s Storms

Header Graphic by Yellow Rose’s Garden
They don’t call it the wet coast for nothing, and this week Vancouver has lived up to that moniker. I swear, no one small-talked past the weather the past few days. These are just a few things I saw/heard/noticed…
  1. Public garbage cans became nothing more than umbrella graveyards.
  2. The evening news casts gave a huge portion of their time to rain-related news, and in one case used it as another opportunity to talk about climate change and Canada’s role.
  3. There was much less mockery at the sight of dogs with raincoats and booties. Also saw several dogs in those coats and booties being carefully tucked inside coats or carried in blankets so they wouldn’t get wet or cold. Aww.
  4. Myriad of folks wore garbage bags as a layer of protection between them and the elements.
  5. Puddle jumping became an extreme sport.
  6. Walking home was a battle between human and nature, and felt like a grade school math problem (If Ms. Cin is walking home at X kilometers per hour but the wind is whipping past her at Y kilometers per hour, how much longer will it take her to get home?)
  7. All but the most intrepid tourists went shopping or otherwise stayed indoors.
  8. Had coworkers whose families had to be evacuated from their homes in West Van and Chilliwack.
  9. Found myself calling family and friends in outlying areas to make sure they and their homes were ok.
  10. Noticed that the major department stores are carrying more of the full-sized English-style umbrellas than ever before. Smart move – they stand up to wind and heavy rain much better. Bonus – they’re great for mock sword fights, which I saw a few of this week.
  11. It rained so hard even the die-hard hot dog vendor outside of London Drugs at Robson and W. Georgia stayed home.
  12. Several stores smelled like wet woolies. And wet dog.
  13. Human kindness showed its face; several kind-hearted people helped their older or less-abled counterparts maneuver the flooded street corners and giant puddles. In one case, I even saw a gentleman give his umbrella to an older lady whose umbrella had just broken.

    UPDATE: Well, now it looks like our water quality has been affected. Check out the media release from the GVRD… Filtered water anyone?

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