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Monday Morning Love List #45

Love – That our quiet little home is inching towards a more festive feel. True, so far there’s only a naked tree and some lights round the window, but the promise of more decorations to come is what’s putting a smile on my face.

Love – That some of the dogs in my building are also into the festivities. I’ve seen bandanas, hats, coats and, my personal favourite – a flashing collar with red and green led lights.

Love – That a friend recently directed me to a website chockful of crock pot recipes. I’ve got a short list of recipes to try – now on with the cooking!

Love – That no more school has translated directly into some much needed lap-time for the kitties. Her Highness has been most vocal about her lack of snuggle time…

Not So Much – I’ve had to frog a part of my sweetie’s brioche stitch sweater, twice this past week. Argh.

Love – The possibilities a fresh week provides.

So… what’s on your list today?


Guilty or Innocent?

It’s been eons since I did a meme, and this one from Bookwormom caught my attention when I visited her a while back.

1. Dated outside your race?
Not a big fan of that word but yes, guilty. Not only did I date a caucasian, I married one.

2. Singing in the shower?
Guilty. What – you don’t like my repertoire?

3. Spit in someone’s drink?
Innocent, and totally grossed out at the idea. Who came up with that?

4. Played with Barbies?
Guilty, I think. To be honest I was always more into lego and hot wheels.

5. Made someone cry?
Guilty. I can be pretty poisonous when I get past a certain stage of anger.

6. Opened your Christmas presents early?

7. Lied to a friend?
Guilty. I’ve learned never to tell a friend what a rotten jerk her current beau is, even if she asks me.

8. Watched and cried while watching a soap opera?
Innocent. Never got into soaps.

9. Played a computer game for more than 5 hours?
Heh. Guilty. I refuse to name names.

10. Ran through the sprinklers naked?
Innocent, but wouldn’t that be fun?

11. Ate food that fell on the floor?
Guilty – 5 second rule always applies to chocolate. More often than not the ravenous Mulder sweeps in and pounces. His favourite? Chicken.

12. Went outside naked? As an adult?
Innocent. I think. Does forgetting to close blinds count?

13. Been on stage?

14. Been on stage naked or close to it?
Innocent, unless an overly gauzy harem outfit counts.

15. Been in a parade?
Guilty, and with a whole bunch of belly dancers.

16. Been in a school play?
Guilty – and multiple times.

17. Drank beer?
Guilty. Prefer a nice round port to beer though.

18. Gotten detention?
Guilty- once for smoking once for…can’t remember the other one. It was in 7th grade though.

19. Been on a plane?
Guilty. LOVE to fly.

20. Been on a cruise?

21. Broken into a house?
Guilty. My own. Also, the music cabinets at school when my teacher lost his keys and needed access right this minute!

22. Gotten a tattoo?
Innocent, but considering it. I’ve got a few drawing kicking around…

23. Gotten piercings?
Guilty, I’ve got a few.

24. Gotten into a fist fight?
Does 1st, 3rd and 4th grade count?

25. Gotten into a shouting match?
Good grief yes! Guilty.

26. Swallowed sea/pool water?
Guilty. It’s unavoidable.

27. Spun yourself in circles to get dizzy on purpose?
Guilty (and done it on a swing too).

28. Laughed so hard it hurt?

29. Tripped on your own feet?

30. Cried yourself to sleep?

31. Cried in public?
Guilty. Not my finest hour.

32. Thrown up in public?
Innocent. See number 33.

33. Lied to your parents?
Innocent. Absolutely innocent. I’ve NEVER done anything my parents would disapprove of. Really.

34. Skipped class?

35. Cried so hard you threw up?
Innocent. And… EW!

We Now Resume Regular Programming

I never post photos of myself (although there are some out there) but if I did, there would be a very pleased looking Cin right about … here.

After a day of cutting, gluing, taping, cementing and generally playing gofer for my sweetie, I’m happy to report that it’s all over and done with. When he left earlier this evening to present his final project his portfolio was full of Pure Gorgeousity (yes, I know it’s not a real word. So sue me), and I knew the panel he was presenting to would be impressed.

His return was even better, for he rocked his presentation just as he knew he would. He survived the program, and I’m very, very proud of him.

But now that it’s over, we get to pick up where we left off 8 weeks ago, and do all the usual boring stuff that, frankly, I like doing with him.


Where did the time go?

I sat down in front of the computer earlier today to get on with the photos and graphics I got suckered was asked to do by Lunchtruck, and the next thing I know it’s 9pm.


This doesn’t bode well for today’s Holidailies entry, so I apologize now. I’ve spent the day typesetting and editing and basically fussing over things that no one else would really notice unless they were visually wrong, and forgot to do basic things, like eat lunch. Or dinner, for that matter.

So as soon as this post is over, I’m going to walk away from the computer, make some calls, make some dinner, and spend some time with the neglected kitties and possibly the equally neglected knitting. Tomorrow – tomorrow I’ll have something more exciting to share.

In the meantime, I leave you with a photo that explains why some of my work today took sooooo long…

Apparently he thinks it helps me work…

Monday Morning Love List, #44

Love – The silence that set over the city when all that snow came down yesterday. Followed by the whooping and laughter of the 2am snowball fight that broke out on my street.

Love – All the doggy coats and booties I’ve been seeing. Honestly, some of the puntables were better dressed for the weather than their owners!

Love – That I’ve completed all my classes for the fall semester and can now revel in my new-found domesticity…

Not So Much – I’m still working at my sweetie’s brioche stitch sweater, and honestly feel like I’m getting nowhere. I’m still aiming to get it done for Christmas, cause I’m an optimist, and apparently a bit of a masochist.

Love – That I managed to be productive this weekend, in between bouts of sneezes. I felt like the Queen of All She Surveys after spending an afternoon conquering the piles of paper and stuff in my living room.

Not So Much – Sneezes. Sniffles. Vice-like headaches. Achy muscles. Thank goodness for the healing properties of tea and soup.

Love – The possibilities a fresh week provides.

So… what’s on your list today?

Thursday Thirteen #20: 13 for the 11th

Thirteen Things I Look Forward To

1. In two weeks time I will have completed two more classes towards my certificate at Emily Carr, which actually puts me ahead of schedule. This would be me doing a snoopy jig of joy.

2. Once the classes are over I’ll be able to focus on my list of wishful christmas projects.

3. I’ll also have the time & energy to make my bacon and cheese quiche. Made from scratch, it’s making and baking usually takes me through a couple of Band of Brothers episodes. Yes, I know I’m a geek.

4. Our wedding anniversary will arrive in less than 2 weeks, close to the peak of the craziness that is Lunchtruck’s last class. For those of you keeping count, that’s … um… 8 years married + 10 years together = 18 years of crazy. I fully expect this relationship to become legendary amongst our families and friends, simply because we’re volatile and emotional and squirelly and completely, utterly devoted to each other.

5. World Peace Day (November 17). I know, yet another day designated for something specific because we don’t give it enough time during the course of our daily lives. Yes, with everything else that’s happening in the world, sometimes it’s hard to care. Trust me, I know. It would be easy to pile into that pit of despair and have a big ole pity party. But this year I’m going to try something different, and give the question of world peace (and for that matter, personal peace) the time it deserves. Who knows, maybe the changes I make in my life and the way I deal will have an impact in some small way.

6. The Langley Weavers & Spinners Guild Artisan Sale (November 4th & 5th). I added weaving to my ‘wanna learn’ list some time ago, but don’t really think I’ll be able to give it a go until late next year. Will that stop me from going and drooling at the work local artists are creating? Nope. I’ve been looking forward to this for months!

7. I don’t do a lot for Christmas in the way of shopping – I’m lucky enough that friends and family are more interested in spending time together than getting loot. Having said that, there is some loot that needs buying, and I’d like to get that done this month so I can avoid the mall in December. Cause really, who wants to stress out in a mall with all the other stressed out people in December?

8. For those playing at home, you’ve probably figured out that November & December are my prime cocooning months, so I’ll be cuddling up with my housmates (all 3) and digging into a few good books. I still have a copy of The Creators I’ve not yet cracked, and Gail Sher’s Intuitive Writer has been singing it’s siren song for weeks.

9. Along with books come movies. I think it’s about time for another Pride and Prejudice fest. Maybe I’ll finally know who made the better Elizabeth Bennet – Keira Knightley or Jennifer Ehle.

10. Yes, of course there’s knitting. And visits to the LYS. I’m not talking about that though – possible Christmas presents are involved.

11. I’ll finally get to a kniting meet up. Why? Because the idea of getting together with a bunch of like-minded ladies to knit and talk and drink coffee is very appealing.

12. More time with family and friends. Cause I’ve been neglecting everyone lately.

13. And finally, and on a much more serious note, I plan to attend the Remembrance Day service at Victory Square this year. There are a lot of reasons to be thankful right now.

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Monday Morning Love List #43

Love – That this morning’s sunrise was an hour later than Saturday’s, was chilly (a whopping zero degrees) and gloriously clear. NOW it really feels like fall.

Love – That I’ve had a good semester so far, and only have a few more weeks before both my my courses are done. This week registration opens for the spring semester, so I’m going to see which course to sign up for next…

Not So Much – Just as I started to get going again on my sweetie’s brioche stitch sweater, I realized I’d made a huge error and will have to start that section all over again. Grr! Argh! Well, at least I caught it now rather than later. Poor Lunchtruck. I really wanted to have it ready for him by the first cold snap, and now I’ll be lucky if it’s done by Christmas.

Love – That my sweetie bought me my very own copy of Shaun of The Dead. Yes, I’ll probably watch it while knitting. I’m such a home bod!

Love – That every morning (Monday through Friday) I have a new piece of reading material waiting for me in my email, and it’s NOT spam. Each week, the delightful Suzanne at Read-It-First sends along a 5-minute ‘bite’ of a new book. This means that by the end of the week I’ve worked my way through the first 15 – 20 pages, and I know if it’s something I want to keep reading. If you love to read but don’t have as much time for it as you’d like, it’s a great way to get some reading in. And if you don’t like the novel? Well, no one will feel hurt if you hit delete. As a side bonus, Suzanne always writes a few paragraphs about her world, and reads like a letter from a dear friend, plus there’s always the chance to win cookies.

Love – The possibilities a fresh week provides.

So… what’s on your list today?

Thursday Thirteen: Bad Ratings

My Life would Make A Lousy Reality Show

(Thirteen Things I’ve Done Since Monday)
1. Desperately tried to free up more computer memory in preparation for new software’s arrival. The software? Adobe’s Creative Suite. Yeah me!

2. Received new software.

3. Installed new software.

4. Played with new software. Realized I’d have to reprogram my brain.

5. Stuck nose back into Photoshop books I borrowed from the library last week. Considered costs of buying the ones I’ve found most useful so far; checked Chapters and, reeled in shock.

6. Worked on my drawing homework. Can it be called homework if you’re enjoying the process? The point is, the drawing is getting done, and it seems to be getting better…

7. Watched TV, but only as a break from sitting in front of the computer, and because Her Highness was getting sulky about the minimal amount of lap time she’s had lately. Apparently she’s a fan of Band of Brothers and Anne of Green Gables. Who knew?

8. Went back to the computer to process more digital photos. Decided my organizational system isn’t working. Put “reorganize photos” on my list of things to do. Laughed.

9. Attempted to curb my messy ways so that the beloved spouse would not do his (ought to be) patented eye-sweep of the creativity in action, deep sigh, followed by THE LOOK. The jury is still out on whether or not I’ve been successful.

10. Napped when I ought to have been working diligently on some project or other. I blame it on the cats and their wily sleep-inducing compound. Yes, I’ve written about that before.

11. Obsessed over finding the perfect pattern for my first attempt at mittens. (Message to the Darling Sister: Breathe free V – I will NOT be gifting you with my inaugural attempt).

12. Stole a few minutes here and there to work on the scary boucle sweater. It’ll be so cozy when it’s done, and I really am looking forward to it, but how can I have put in this much time into it and still not have the ruddy thing done? Maybe I upset the knitting gods…

13. Connected with friends via email, which seems to be the only way I’ve been able to lately. Promised self to actually make phone calls. Tomorrow.
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Life is Almost Back to Normal

Today’s upper body body workout was brought to me courtesy of the fire detector in my kitchen.

You know the workout I mean – the alarm goes off and you reach for the closest book or magazine or what have you and madly fan at the thing in the hopes that the nasty loud noise will… just… stop!

Least I wasn’t the one doing the cooking.

I’m Irritating Myself At This Point…

I don’t care that everyone else says it’s Wednesday. As far as I’m concerned, this week has yet to get past Monday.

It’s the only explanation for how flat-out crappy it’s been.

Normally I refuse to discuss work on this blog, and I’m going to stick to that now, so without revealing ANYTHING AT ALL, I will say this – there’s a full moon out there somewhere.

Do I need to tell y’all that by the time I got home Monday evening (the original one), I was well and truly sick of people, even the nice ones?

And then I got sick.

Not “I’m-not-feeling-well-maybe-I’ll-take-an-Advil” sick – that I can handle. No, this was like a lone cell in my body sent out an all-points directive for everything to shut-down, plug-up, dry-up or ache RIGHT NOW. Within 15 minutes I was snorfling like an overweight bulldog, coughing and sneezing so hard even the cats lifted their heads with a “what the hell was that?” look on their faces, and when I lay down in the hopes of sleeping it off I honestly thought I was having an asthma attack.

It was ugly.

And then it got uglier when the DS insisted I rub Vick’s vaporub on my upper chest and neck. Oh yeah. Nothing like piling on the ick factor there, babe.

I hate everything about this stuff, from the scent to the stickiness to the niggly question of where does it go when you’re asleep? So I insisted I’d be fine without it, he insisted he wasn’t going anywhere until I’d done as I was told, and I realized that even thinking about a stand-off with him was exhausting me. I fell asleep with the covers up to my ears, surrounded by tissues and feeling like a prize-fighter had taken it on himself to thoroughly beat on my back and chest.

The next morning, that Vicks was gone. I tried not to to think about it.

Unfortunately my sense of direction was gone too, as was my voice. I called the office and said I wasn’t coming in, and felt like a rat for doing so. Then I managed to walk into a wall which I knew perfectly well was there, all because I was all disoriented and needing to go like a person who should’ve gone an hour ago. Great laughs, really. I did zip, zilch and nada for the rest of the day, and was still exhausted at the end of it. The DS did his best to take care of me, and got a sad-eyed, cranky, exhausted & slightly weepy Cin for his efforts.

This morning I hauled my whiny heinie into work only to have my voice quit on me within the first hour, and then have various co-workers insist I’m trying to adopt an “accidently-sexy” voice. Um… my voice is already low, and with this cold I sound like a freakin’ boy… How can that possibly sound sexy?

Tomorrow, I’m having a real Thursday, not this faux Monday crap. And Friday had better rock.