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Apparently One Monday This Week Wasn’t Enough

This morning started off with cat yak. Specifically, cat yak on the bed. Have you ever woken up that way? I don’t recommend it.

Only partly awake, I struggled to pull the duvet off the bed so I could throw the cover in to wash. I hung the soggy duvet off the back of my favourite Yowler’s sleeping chair so that I could survey the damage, then realized my eyes were refusing to focus and it would have to wait until I was actually functional. I found a couple of blankets, threw one over Lunchtruck (who hadn’t yet progressed past the …snore…Wha?… part of consciousness) checked on Her Highness (who was looking very ashamed because of course, she’d done the yakking, poor thing), and went back to bed with only one coherent thought:

Oh, it’s gonna be a doozy of a day.

After walking to work in the slush I was pretty sure of it. I love the city I live in, but I have a poor opinion of the state of some of it’s streets, especially in the Yaletown/Downtown area. Perhaps it’s because of all the construction, but there are some areas that are difficult to negotiate dry or wet, and when it’s slushing they are downright treacherous. I’m talking potholes with potholes, crevices big enough to catch a size 5 foot in, pavement so uneven that vehicles bounce when they go over it, thus requiring any female drivers to invest in steel-girdered bras… Basically it was slippy and slidey with a side of scary.

Eventually I got to work (late) and had to start my work day sans tea – not great, but I could manage that for one day. Midmorning I decided to prep the oatmeal I’d brought with me; I managed to get the water and oatmeal into the container without mishap, got it into the microwave without spilling, putting in only HALF the amount of time suggested and…

You know what’s coming, right?

The damn container exploded.

The microwaveable one I’ve been using on and off for the past 6 months. The one I’ve NEVER had a problem with before. That one.

I opened the door, looked in and started giggling. I couldn’t help it.

Still giggling I asked the lady who runs the cafeteria for a cloth so I could clean up the mess. She took one look at the the tray I was holding, and she started giggling.

Apparently she thought it looked like yak.

I lost it. I was laughing so hard I could barely breath, and she was right there with me. My morning had been a fiasco, and there was nothing I could do about it.

The good news? The Monday Godz took pity on me, because the rest of the day went smoothly. Well, except for the fact that I got mistaken for someone’s ex-girlfriend during my lunch break, but that’s another story…


The Cocooning Continues

I spent most of the freezing cold Vancouver weekend in my jammies. My mauve fleece jammies with skiing penguins on them, to be exact.

You’d think a grown woman wouldn’t do that sort of thing anymore, but in my world this is a much-needed regular occurrence. In fact, it’s safe to say that I’ve become quite fierce about my jammy days, and once decided on I rarely give them up.

The reason is simple – a day in jammies comes accompanied with endless pots of tea, hours under the duvet with a book or an old movie, and feline accompaniment of the most approving sort (because really, the only time they don’t approve of lazing about is when tummy alarms are ringing). In short, it’s a day when I don’t have to answer to anyone (literally) and a chance to get my equilibrium back after a week or three of dealing with silly twits misguided individuals.

I think that’s worth defending.

This time round was particularly satisfying – I had some paperback mysteries, a movie, and, a pot of Jasmine tea. I rarely drink Jasmine, but since National Hot Tea month has been declared by my neighbours to the South, I figured why not show a little solidarity? So I tried something new, and plan to try a few other new teas this month, although another jammy day isn’t on the horizon any time soon.

Oh, and if you want to learn more about NHTM, why not visit Christine, the lovely proprietress of Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea?


I’m making changes on this site again, trying to find a more comfortable fit. I’ve toyed with the idea of turning this into a photoblog since photography is my first love, but won’t make a decision on that until I sort out some photo-hosting issue. I’ve been using flickr, but am at a crossroads – do I pay for a pro account or do I search for something different? Input is appreciated.

I know all bloggers come to this point eventually – they need a change of scenery, a change in direction, a change in topic. Eventually I’ll come to some sort of decision, so for those who do visit, thanks for stopping in, and bear with me will ya?

Dear December Cold…

I wrote this on monday night, but was feeling so icky that I didn’t even have the energy to edit it. It’s a day late but bear with me, I’m posting it anyways…

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… Go away. I’ve not time for you.

This would be the cup of tea that’s helping me stave off a cold. And I literally do mean cold – I’m freezing, so I’m wearing a sweater and a fleece jacket, and I’ve stolen the cats favourite blankie, all so I can huddle in our wee computer closet, and work on my project and get back on track.

Mood Swings

The Christmas Blahs have struck again.

This happens to me most every year, but I really did think that this year would be different. I was doing pretty well, going out during my lunch hours, considering possible options, finding “just the thing” for someone on my list, and happily taking it home. I’m lucky – my list is nice and short because most of the people in my life prefer experiences over stuff, and would much rather have a good gab and a meal than receive a gift they’ll never, ever use.

But then, round about Monday, I felt the old weariness overtake me and I couldn’t bring myself to set foot in the mall by my office. I found myself making excuses. The thought of seeing another grim face determined to scratch off another name on ye olde shopping list did not excite me. The non-traditional christmas music in the stores really got to me, and I had the inexplicable desire to snarl at overly-chirpy sales people.

Obviously I was not fit company for humans, and barely fit for wee beasties.

But recognizing you have a problem is the toughest part, and since I’ve managed that I think I can help myself out. I have a plan; tomrrow night I’m going to get the ingredients to try out a new recipe, turn on some of my favourite Christmas music, and make some cookies. Cause really, who can feel blah when they’re surrounded by cookies and icing?

Thursday Thirteen #22: Live Through This

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Thirteen Things I’ve Survived, Mostly Unscathed
  1. Starting over in a new country (and I didn’t even speak the language!)
  2. Being forced (as a newly-minted teen) to move away from my friends in the city to live in the ‘burbs.
  3. Death of a beloved childhood pet.
  4. Parents’ divorce.
  5. Multiple break-ups with my first love.
  6. Death of a family member.
  7. Amway.
  8. Finally marrying my true love.
  9. Losing good friends because they didn’t agree with how we got married.
  10. Being downsized due to restructuring.
  11. Firings (doing and being).
  12. Scary bosses, nasty coworkers, and other corporate evils.
  13. The late 80’s and early 90’s (although the jury is still out on whether I’ll ever manage to not flinch when seeing ‘vintage’ fashions of that era).

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