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A Disclaimer

Darling cats & kittens, I think this whole site deserves a disclaimer. Something along the lines of “The views held by this writer should not to be considered anything but one opinion among many, on subjects she enjoys but has no official credentials for, other than being a human who likes her pleasures. They are purely subjective, and should be taken in that spirit.”

And while I know that would cause some people to land on this page and then leave, there may be some people who choose to stay. Why? Because they have no credentials either, but plenty of opinions on what they do and don’t like.

That’s part of the reason I’ve come back to blogging after a handful of years. For now, and hopefully the foreseeable future, it’s possible to share thoughts, ideas, inspirations, what-have-you, in the manner of your choosing. So if you think this site has no reason for existing, it’s all good, there’s something else better suited for you out there. If you want to stay and engage, that’s all good too. In fact, as long as we all play nice it’ll be grand.