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Rock ‘n’ Roll Sock ‘n’ Sole

In Christmases past, there was a peculiar stream of advertisements on Canadian TV that suggested that the truly unimaginative gave socks for Christmas. Socks became the Christmas equivalent of giving a household appliance to a woman on her anniversary when what she really wanted was jewelry. I guess the message struck home, because over time, socks became the Rodney Dangerfield of gifts, and folks who gave socks may as well have worn T-shirts proclaiming their social unacceptability to the world.

I was reminded of all this earlier today as I valiantly dug around in my dresser drawer, searching for one of the 3 pairs of black socks I own. There was cursing, and questioning: Why don’t I own enough dark socks to get me through the week? Who hated women enough to invent the ultra-binding phenomena that is the knee-high? Why do my favourites always lose their mates?

I did eventually locate my favourite pair of socks (old-school, below the knee, bought at a kids department so they fit perfectly and are oh-so-comfy), but it got me thinking. I’ve been needing socks for ages. Ages! So why hadn’t they made it to the Need to Buy list? Why hadn’t I made the effort to procur a nice collection of socks, preferably the ones with the particularly cushiony soles?

I thought and I thunk, I thunk and I thought.

I was side-tracked by the possibility that I had too much time on my hands if I was thinking this much about socks.

Then I carried on with the thinking, and in the end, I decided that the noble sock should be stigmatized no more, that not only would I add socks to my “Need to Buy” list, not only would I buy at least one pair of socks today, not only would I make a point of telling my family of my sock quest, but that I, I would learn to knit socks in 2007.

I can’t believe it’s taken this long. Especially when you consider the stats. According to Monthly Socks the average person in North America buys 2000 pairs of socks by the time they reach 65. They’ve also got a neat little sock calculator, so if you’ve ever wondered how many pairs of socks you’ve probably worn in your lifetime, you can now figure it out and sleep better at night.

As for me, I’m going to go find out more on the basics of sock knitting, starting with Knitty’s Sock Basics 101, and figuer out how I can make at least 1 of those 2000 pairs of socks…