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Snow Quoted

“It’s champagne Thursday.”
“But today is Friday.”
Champagne Thursday came twice this week.”
“Ah, for the third week in a row.
“Yeah, they’re thinking of making it permanent.”
“Like daylight savings time?

– Zoe Deschanel to Sarah Jessica Parker
in the mess that was Failure To Launch

The past couple of weeks have been a little tougher than usual for us poor, temperate forest, coffee-quaffing Vancouverites. We’ve had bad rains & snow, we’ve had water advisories, we’ve had problems getting quality coffee. All of this has been A Very Big Deal.

How big? Try front-page of the paper big:

Talk of The Town

For anyone not from here, you probably think we’ve been making a ski mountain out of a (bunny) hill. Probably. But snow is a big deal around here, and to get it in November when we expect it in January is a shock to the system.

When I wasn’t cursing the black ice beneath my feet, I tried to make the best of it, as only a devoted amateur photographer could.

By capturing some of my favourite locales:

Van Art Gallery

Getting a kick out of the doggie fashions:

<a title="Photo Sharing" href=" Weather Fashions

And recording how the animals were faring.

<a title="Photo Sharing" href="

Yes, there’s more on my flickr site.

Happy Friday everyone. I’m going home this afternoon and kicking off the weekend by celebrating Champagne Thursday!