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Monday Morning Love List – 03/11/2013

ARTIST: Olly Moss

Love – That today is beautiful, I have a few hours to enjoy as I like, and the possibilities are endless.

Love – that there are signs of spring everywhere, and Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up fast. I see a photowalk in my future.

Love – That the Aurora Golden Gala apple is showing up in stalls at Granville Island again. This apple was years in the making, and is worth the trip if you’re an apple fan. If you’re the type to want details (many, many details), this link should make you very, very happy.

Love – that my local street vendor has tulips again. $5.00 isn’t too high a price for a bouquet of beauty, is it?

Love – That Vancouver has a sense of humour about itself.

Love – that I’m back to my yoga practice, and full of gratitude for DVDs when a trip to a studio isn’t on the menu. Can’t wait for Eoin to do classes in Vancouver again.

Love – That today is a blank slate, and this week can be whatever I make it.

What do you love?